Information for non-German speaking visitors

A warm welcome to our non-German speaking visitors! Unfortunately, we are currently offering articles written in German only. As a provisional solution we created this site to give you some general information about our fan club.

In case you need further information, feel free to contact us: our "Contact" and "Team" and pages are written in English as well.


General Information

Eurovision Club Germany is a registered ESC fan club and was founded on August 20, 2000. The club is based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Currently, the club has 1200 members (November 2018) in Germany and abroad. Our president is Michael Sonneck ().


Become a Member

An international membership for our club costs 36 EUR per year, a membership for couples costs 55 EUR (fan magazine and delivery included). Application forms in German and English and further German information about memberships can be found here. If you need support, want to know more about the benefits please contact Michael Sonneck (). Please note that all information, printed news and our TOM fanzine are written in German.


Fan Magazine

The club provides a fanzine called “TOM” which is issued 3 times a year. You can find a short summary of each issue by clicking through the jump-menu on the right side just here (in German). If you want to order an issue (price 3 EUR or 6 EUR + delivery), please contact Michael Sonneck ().


Annual Convention (Clubtreffen)

Many activities are organised during the whole year like e.g. the famous annual convention that takes place every autumn at the GLORIA Theatre in Cologne. The programme offers 6 hours of entertainment including live acts, parodies, quizzes, a raffle and much more. Many former ESC participants have performed at our conventions: Maribelle (2000), Nuša Derenda (2001), Nicki French (2002), F.L.Y. (2003), Marie Myriam (2004), Selma (2005), Anžej Dežan, Jenny (both 2006), Ingrid Peters (2007) Geir Rönning, Vânia Fernandes (both 2008), Oscar Loya, Igor Cukrov, Hera Björk (all 2009), Dutch Divas, Marcin Mroziński, Meike Garden (all 2010), Daria Kinzer, Glen Vella, Vukasin Brajić (all 2011), Darja Švajger, Ott Lepland, Fabrizio Faniello (all 2012), Linda Martin, Ryan Dolan, Eldar Qasimov, Natália Kelly (all 2013),  Eleftheria Eleftheriou, Cindy Berger, Axel Hirsoux, Suzy (all 2014), Roman Lob, Katja Ebstein, Pamela Ramljak, Sestre (all 2015), Mary Roos, Marianna Zorba, Kaliopi, Barei (all 2016), Nicole, Anne Marie David, Sunstroke Project, Brendan Murray, Norma John (all 2017), Michael Schulte, Lena Valaitis, Ari Ólafsson, Kati Wolf (all 2018).

Information about our convention can be found here (in German). Please contact Chris Köther () for further information and registration.


Informal Gatherings

Furthermore there are smaller informal gatherings in some cities across Germany like Berlin (), Frankfurt (), Hanover (), Cologne () and Stuttgart (). Here fans have the opportunity to come together for a chat and to watch videos over a couple of drinks. Information about the next meetings can be found here (in German).


Members' Favourite Contest

The Members’ Favourite Contest gives the chance to our members to listen to the favourite songs of other members and to vote for them. The current winner can be found here (in German). Results of previous contests can be found in the Members' section (access for members only).