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Freitag, 19 Oktober 2018 16:39

Tickets für Melodifestivalen 2019

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Hello! The interest from the International fan community for warching Melodifestivalen live 2019 seems to be record-high! This is awesomme and encourages us to work harder with preperations for fan-activities in Stockholm! Deadline for the fan ticket is tomorrow!!!! (Friday 19th October) I know that some clubs that asked me about this before hasn’t returned yet with any bookings so this is to remind you!

Melodifestivalklubben OGAE Sweden offer special fan tickets for Melodifestivalen 2019 for all OGAE members. Booking closes on Friday 19th October at 23:59.

This is only for OGAE members. Members are allowed ONE ticket per show.

Semifinal 1: 2 February, Gothenburg, Scandinavium
Semifinal 2: 9 February, Malmö, Malmö Arena
Semifinal 3: 16 February, Leksand, Tegera Arena
Semifinal 4: 23 February, Lidköping, Sparbanken Arena
Second Chance: 2 March, Nyköping, Rosvalla
Final: 9 March, Stockholm Solna, Friends Arena

Semifinals and Second Chance:
Seating for the semifinals and second chance is on the arena floor. Cost: SEK 905:-

A-tickets cost SEK 1260 (Arena floor) and C-tickets (stalls) 395 SEK each.

Reservations that are registered when booking closes are binding, which means payment must be made. This applies to all the semifinals, second chance and final. You can cancel your tickets before booking closes on 19 October.

When you book tickets through Melodifestivalklubben you accept our terms and conditions.

If there are more bookings than the number of tickets we are allocated, we will draw lots.

On Tuesday 23 or Wednesday 24 October we will inform all members if their ticket applications have been successful or not.

Information about payment will be sent out.

The official ticket release for Melodifestivalen is on Wednesday 31 October at

Bookings for members in OGAE clubs can be made by email to

Please specify what show and for the final what type of tickets you are interested in.
If you have any questions, please contact

Melodifestivalklubben will have warm-up dinners for club members prior to all semifinals around Sweden.

During the final week in Stockholm between 7th March to 10th March - the new concept Melfest weekend, introduced this year will be arranged once again with events and activities all the days and special offers for OGAE-members coming to Stockholm.

An alternative more and more members chooses to do and also bit cost-savy is to watch the Rehersal/Jury show on Friday evening instead. Join our Friday party with Swedish and international stars. Saturday go to our warm-up dinner and watch Melodifestivalen on big screens followed by our after party. Tickets for rehearsals will also be released on 31 October. More information about Melfest wekeend later this autumn!


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DatumLand Termin
20.12.2018 AL Albanien Semifinale 1 
21.12.2018 AL Albanien Semifinale 2
22.12.2018 AL Albanien Finale 
05.01.2019 AL Litauen Vorrunde 1
26.01.2019 AL Malta Finale
  AL Lettland Semifinale 1
31.01.2019  AL Estland Semifinale 1
02.02.2019 AL Estland Semifinale 2
  AL Schweden Semifinale 1
05.02.2019 AL Italien 1. Abend
06.02.2019 AL Italien 2. Abend
07.02.2019 AL Italien 3. Abend
08.02.2019 AL Italien 4. Abend
  AL Australien Juryfinale
09.02.2019 AL Island Semifinale 1
  AL Schweden Semifinale 2
  AL Ukraine Semifinale 1
  AL Italien Finale
  AL Australien  Finale 
16.02.2019 AL Kroatien Finale
  AL Island Semifinale 2
  AL Portugal Semifinale 1
  AL Ukraine Semifinale 2
23.02.2019 AL Portugal Semifinale 2
  AL Schweden Semifinale 3
  AL Schweden Semifinale 4
  AL Dänemark Finale
  AL Litauen Finale
  AL Ukraine Finale
02.03.2019 AL Schweden Andra Chansen
  AL Moldau Semifinale
  AL Finnland Finale
  AL Island Finale
  AL Norwegen Finale
  AL Portugal Finale
03.03.2019 AL Moldau Finale
09.03.2019  AL Schweden Finale 2
14.05.2019   ESC Semifinale 1
16.05.2019   ESC Semifinale 2
18.05.2019   ESC Finale