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FANvision 2024 - OGAE Austria


Meet the representative of OGAE Austria:



NAME Elisabeth Sutrich
SONG Same Heart (ISR 2014)
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Why did your choose this song, what does it mean to you?
I really love singing about personal feelings to be as authentic as I can be.....this song means a lot to me- It gave me all the power and energy to overcome a big conflict in a friendship - so I can express all my feelings and anger about this situation....Same Heart has that intense energy and I love that!!!!


What did you feel when you were nominated by your Fanclub to represent at FANvision?
As I was so happy to have been able to represent Germany in 2023 (which I didn't expect at all) - I really had a big goal to be able to represent Austria in 2024 - when I heard I got first in my own fanclub, the first I thought was "yeeeeesssss"- my dreams came true!!!!!


Are you excited about coming to Hamburg?
I have never been in Hamburg before....my husband has been there in 2009 to watch a football game, but at this time I was in hospital in Vienna and very ill...as I heard it will be taking place in Hamburg, I thought "oh wow, we can turn this around to a positive memory".

I just expect to have a great time there with my friends and family, much fun and love!!!!


What are your personal interests?
I really love my job being a hairdresser, I love talking with people, dancing, having fun. I like reading books about psychological or philosophical stories, I love music, especially Eurovision but also languages and music from different cultures, like the balkan music!


What is your personal connection to the Eurovision Song Contest? Maybe you want to share your first Eurovision memory with us?
I think that includes many of what I said before - different languages, different styles of music. I think it*s the idea of packing so many variabilities in one show what makes it so special - I get bored very soon, but Eurovision never bored me in all the 42 years I have watched it:-) By the way, my first memory was "Ein bißchen Frieden" by Nicole, I was 9 years old when I heard it and I think the most impressive fact was that young girl singing in so many different languages when she had won!!!!


Is FANvision the biggest stage/ audience so far for you, what are your musical experiences, and what are your plans for the future?
Yes, the FANvision is the biggest stage for me....I am not a professional singer, I just do that for fun....and my life in my hairdressing Salon would also not give time for more singing....but I really enjoy expressing on stage and make people happy....so if there would be a new chance for FANvision I would say "yes" again!!!!


What do you do apart from being a Eurovision Fan?
Oh I think there is no day without Eurovision in my life!!!!!!



Meet the Austrian
Head of Delegation:


NAME Marcos Maximilian Tritremmel
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 Austria HoD


How did your club find your representative?
The Austrian representative was chosen because of winning the Austrian Cover Contest “Nur ein Lied für Deutschland”. That was the name of last years edition. We had eight contestants competing against each other. Elisabeth was the winner and really convinced the crowd to vote for her that night. 

Does your club bring a lot of supporters for your act?
 Not sure yet. But we try to give our best.

What do you wish for your contestant?
Not being last in the contest! But Elisabeth is so full of energy. She will perform and people will love her.

Your club is in the race for winning FANvision, what’s outstanding about your club?
The Austrian club members are in general very young compared to some other international clubs. It might be because of Conchita’s victory in 2014. A lot of young people joined OGAE Austria since then. We regularly have fan events in Vienna with starguests or previews and Eurovision-Discos. The official Cover Contest “Nur ein Lied für Wien” is usually held in October. So, come to Vienna and get to know more about the city.

What’s your favourite Eurovision song of all time?
All kinds of everything - IRE 1970 - Dana / I know, quite old, but an outstanding classic with a lovely melody and an even better arrangement.

What do you appreciate in particular in a performance in FANvision ? What would you want to see on stage and what might convince you to give a high vote?
Singing in different languages is a big plus for me. English is a great language, but Eurovision is so much more than that. The ESC is still a treasure for European languages.

AND OF COURSE - one thing is always in my focus: The voice of a representative is the most important thing for me. It has to be either good from the technical point or has to have something special. In the second case the vocal technique is not so important.