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FANvision 2024 - OGAE Slovenia


Meet the representative of OGAE Slovenia:


Joel Loyo will undoubtedly deliver an unforgettable act as a born performer, dedicated to bringing joy to the audience. With his uniqueness, creativity, and the ability to enthusiate a crowd, Joel is more than capable of delivering on these fronts. Apart from his passion for performing, Joel is a well known fashion designer, who launched a line of swimwear for men and also participated in Big Brother Slovenia, as a commentator of the show.

Is Joel continuing a tradition, that a Balkan country wins the contest at it's first ever appearance on the Eurovision/ FANvision stage?



NAME Joel Loyo
SONG SloMo (Spain 2022)
SOCIAL MEDIA logo facebook
instagram #Joelloyo


Why did you choose this song?

I chose "SloMo" by Chanel because it resonates deeply with my cultural background. Being of Mexican descent, I feel a magnetic pull towards the infectious rhythms and vibrant energy of Latino music. Whenever I hear the pulsating beats of Ritmo, it's as if my Latino heritage is calling out to me, stirring something within me that's both exhilarating and comforting.


What does it mean to you?

"SloMo" holds a special place in my heart because it's more than just a song; it's an embodiment of joy, celebration, and self-expression. The lyrics are playful and easygoing, but it's the dance that truly captivates me. Dancing isn't just a form of entertainment; it's a language of its own—a universal means of communication that allows me to express myself freely and authentically. This song gives me the opportunity to tap into that inner rhythm and let go of inhibitions, embracing the sheer delight of movement and music.


What did you feel when you were nominated by your fan club to represent the club at FANvision?

The moment I received the nomination from OGAE Slovenia to represent our fan club at FANvision, I was overwhelmed with a sense of honor and pride. Having been a dedicated participant in Gradevizija for the past five years, Eurovision has become more than just an event to me; it's a passion, a community, and a shared love for music and culture. To be chosen as the ambassador for OGAE Slovenia fills me with immense gratitude and a profound sense of responsibility to represent our club with enthusiasm and dedication.


Are you excited about coming to Hamburg? Have you ever been in Hamburg/Germany?

Absolutely, I'm beyond excited about coming to Hamburg! It's a city that holds a special place in my heart—a perfect blend of history, culture, and vibrant energy nestled by the sea. My first visit to Hamburg, five years ago, was nothing short of magical. I was captivated by its picturesque landscapes, charming neighborhoods, and warm hospitality. Returning to this city feels like a homecoming of sorts, and I can't wait to immerse myself in its beauty once again.


What do you wish for your stay in Hamburg?

During my stay in Hamburg, I'm looking forward to embracing every moment with open arms and an adventurous spirit. More than anything, I'm excited to share this experience with good friends and fellow Eurovision enthusiasts, creating unforgettable memories together. From exploring the city's iconic landmarks to indulging in its culinary delights—especially the mouthwatering seafood—I hope to savor every aspect of Hamburg's charm and hospitality.


What are your personal interests?

Beyond my love for Eurovision, I'm deeply passionate about the arts and cultural exchange. As a dancer, I find solace and inspiration in movement, using it as a medium to express emotions, tell stories, and connect with others on a profound level. Additionally, my background in fashion and costume design allows me to channel my creativity into tangible forms of expression, blending aesthetics with functionality to create unique and captivating designs.


What’s your connection to the Eurovision Song Contest?

My journey with the Eurovision Song Contest began at a young age, and it has since become an integral part of my life. From the moment I first witnessed the spectacle on television, I was enamored by its magic—the electrifying performances, amazing stage production, and the spirit of unity and diversity that permeates every aspect of the event. My first live experience at Eurovision, in Vienna in 2015, left an indelible mark on me, igniting a passion that continues to burn brightly to this day.


Is FANvision the biggest stage/audience so far for you? What are your musical experiences, and what are your plans for the future?

While FANvision presents a thrilling opportunity to showcase my talents on a larger stage, my musical journey extends far beyond this moment. With a background in dance and a deep-seated love for the performing arts, I've had the privilege of honing my skills and sharing my passion with audiences across various platforms—from theater productions to dance competitions. Looking ahead, I aspire to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity, embracing new opportunities for artistic expression, and inspiring others to find joy and fulfillment through music and movement.


What do you do in your life apart from being a Eurovision fan?

In addition to being an ardent Eurovision fan, I lead a multifaceted life centered around creativity and self-expression. As a fashion and costume designer, I have the privilege of bringing imagination to life through fabric, color, and form. Whether designing bespoke garments for clients or conceptualizing avant-garde runway collections, I find fulfillment in pushing the boundaries of design and creating pieces that resonate with people on a personal level.


What’s your favorite Eurovision song of all time?

Choosing a favorite Eurovision song is no easy task, as each entry holds its own special place in my heart. However, if I were to pinpoint a defining moment in my Eurovision journey, it would undoubtedly be my first live experience in Vienna. The sheer spectacle of the event, combined with the palpable energy of the crowd, left an indelible impression on me—one that continues to inspire and enchant me to this day. It's not just a song or a performance; it's a memory etched in time, forever cherished as the embodiment of Eurovision's magic and allure.



Meet the Slovene
Head of Delegation:


Meet Jan, an “early bird” in the Eurovision Weekend

Despite the fact, that OGAE Slovenia debuts in FANvision this year, the Slovene Head of Delegation has experienced the Eurovision Weekend and their contests in many ways already: Being a contestant himself in the predecessor contest of FANvision, the Fans-Sing-For-Fans-Contest in 2015 and 2016, he also stepped in as the HoD of the Italian delegation last year and awarded points as their Jury. Obviously he liked his position, as after the Eurovision Weekend in Prague, he quickly reached to the Slovene fan club, organised that their Gradevizija winner 2023 was asked to represent OGAE Slovenia in FANvision 2024 and then even got elected as the president of OGAE Slovenia earlier this year. What a journey already, where will it take him next year? Being a Eurovision podcaster and radio host in Slovenia, will we see him as the host of FANvision 2025 in Slovenia?



NAME Jan Vehar
CLUB OGAE Slovenia
FUNCTION IN THE CLUB President of OGAE Slovenia
SOCIAL MEDIA logo facebook
instagram #ogaeslovenija
 Slovenia HoD



How did your club find your representative?
Joel Loyo was crowned as the winner of Gradevizija 2023*, an annual event celebrating Eurovision in Slovenia for over 25 years.


Does your club bring a lot of supporters for your act?
OGAE Slovenija is fully supporting our contestant Joel Loyo, who's performing at Eurovision Weekend 2024 in Hamburg, Germany, this July. Several members attended last year's event in Prague, and we anticipate a strong presence in Hamburg as OGAE Slovenija officially participates for the first time this year.


What do you wish for your contestant?
As someone who has stood on the Eurovision Weekend stage several times, I simply wish Joel to enjoy the entire experience as I have. The joy of being part of Eurovision world is truly unparalleled.


Your club is in the race for winning FANvision; what's outstanding about your club?
OGAE Slovenija is eager to host Eurovision Weekend in our beautiful country, Slovenia, known as the green treasure of Central Europe. With growing interest in Eurovision and an expanding membership base in OGAE, Slovenia offers a unique and accessible destination. With Joel representing Slovenia, we hope to bring Eurovision Weekend to Slovenia for the first time.


What's your favorite Eurovision song of all time?
While there are many, I'd choose Kejsi Tola's "Carry Me in Your Dreams" (Albania 2009) as it always uplifts my spirits. Conchita's "Rise Like a Phoenix" also holds a special place in my heart as the winner of the first Eurovision I attended in person.


What do you appreciate in particular in a performance in FANvision? What would you want to see on stage, and what might convince you to give a high vote?
In considering what performance I would enjoy and award points to, I prioritize authenticity and originality. A captivating performance that resonates with genuine emotion and creativity would undoubtedly catch my attention. I appreciate performances that demonstrate skill and mastery of the craft, whether it's in vocals, instrumental proficiency, or stage presence. Furthermore, I tend to gravitate towards acts that offer a unique twist or perspective, something that sets them apart from the rest. Ultimately, I seek performances that leave a lasting impression, stirring something within me and compelling me to acknowledge their excellence with high points.


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*About Gradevizija:

Gradevizija is a musical festival run by OGAE Slovenia that combines music, singing, performance, courage, good spirits, and lots of laughter. Originating in 1997 in Dejan's kitchen, it began with a desire to sing in front of an audience, evolving into a larger event organizing and performing for an initial audience of four, doubling as judges. As its popularity grew, Gradevizija moved to larger venues, eventually settling in the Cultural Center of Črnuče. Over the years, it has maintained a five-member jury, enthusiastic audiences, and a platform for performers, embodying passion, heart, and positive energy. Numerous musicians, cultural figures, and media personalities have participated as judges, reflecting Gradevizija's influence in the public eye.