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FANvision 2024 - OGAE Czechia


Meet the representative of OGAE CZECH REPUBLIC


Meet the representative of OGAE Czech Republic:

Felix is absolutely no stranger to FANvision and the Eurovision Weekend. Last year he was our city guide and showed the guests of the Eurovision Weekend the beautiful sights of Prague.

This year Felix will try his luck in the competition and is going to represent OGAE Czech Republic. He was nominated by the board of OGAE Czech Republic and is going to sing “No No Never“ by Texas Lightning. The group from Hamburg represented Germany at Eurovision 2006 and their song became a huge success in Germany.

Will Felix win FANvision for OGAE Czech Republic? He already knows how to host the Eurovision Weekend and he is ready to fight for the crown. Keep your fingers crossed for Felix Häring!


NAME Felix  (Felix Häring)
SONG No No Never (ESC 2006)
SOCIAL MEDIA logo facebook



Why did you choose this song, what does it mean to you?

2006 is probably the first contest I remember watching with my family. The band Texas Lightning actually originates from Hamburg, so there will be a lovely connection that suits the city. Additionally, German songs were always quite a lucky choice for our OGAE, just ask Adriana.. ;)


What did you feel when you were nominated by your fan club to represent the club at FANvision?

Excited and extremely thankful. I have both Czech and German roots, so representing OGAE Czech Republic in Germany really means a lot to me, kind of a big family meeting.


Are you excited about coming to Hamburg?  Have you ever been in Hamburg/Germany? What do you wish for your stay in Hamburg?

Hamburg is probably one of my favourite cities in Germany and I have been there many times as a friend of mine used to live there. I really love that there is so much water!

What are your personal interests?

Next to Eurovision I enjoy travelling, learning languages and cooking. Eurovision is a great inspiration for everything and it happens quite often that Eurovision people inspire me to try some recipes that end up to be quite popular around my people.


What’s your connection to the Eurovision Song Contest? Maybe you want to share your first Eurovision memory with us?

That’s a long story with many chapters! It all started when watching the contest together with my family, especially with my grandmother. I started watching all the preselections back in 2016. In 2022, I applied to be a volunteer in Torino. I did not really expect them to accept me, but that’s what happened in end. In Torino I got to know Josef and OGAE Czech Republic and I decided to join. When we hosted the Eurovision Weekend in Prague I was the city guide and that’s how I also became part of the Eurovision Weekend family.

I was happy to the meet many people of the Eurovision Weekend universe again this season, whether it was the Barcelona preparty, some preselections or even in Malmö. Eurovision has been a constant journey through my life and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead!


Is FANvision the biggest stage/ audience so far for you, what are your musical experiences, and what are your plans for the future?

My link to music is mostly academic, that means that I actually write about music and Eurovision on an academic level. I have already competed in the cover contests of some OGAEs, but singing is mostly just fun for me.


What do you do in your life apart from being a Eurovision fan?

Currently I’m studying European history at LMU in Munich, with a special focus on Czech-German relations and I’d like to stay in academics in future.


What’s your favorite Eurovision song of all time?

My favourite Czech entry is our debutant song „Malá dama“ by Kabát (2007) that Europe unfortunately failed to understand. Still my favourite Czech karaoke song. Probably my favourite German Eurovision artist is Katja Ebstein. In Eurovision I mostly like the 90s and 80s, some entries I love are: Sata salamaa (FI 1987), Du Er Fuld Af Løgn (DK 1986) and A Cidade Até Ser Dia (PT 1993).


Meet the Czech
Head of Delegation:


Meet Adriana, who had more functions in the Eurovision Weekend than anyone else:

Adriana sung Satellite by Lena in 2022 in Helsinki…and she walks in Lena’s footprints also in other regards: Coming back to FANvision the next year with a stunning opening performance and being a host last year in Prague as well as being part of the interval act, she will announce the points on behalf of her fan club this year, just like Lena in 2013.

Winning FANvision with 18 also mirrors Lena, so now Adriana is 20 years old, has studied pop singing at the Prague Conservatory for a fifth year, and she’s also a teacher for singing and playing the piano.

Bringing the Eurovision Weekend to Czechia meant a world to her, as it was the first international Eurovision event ever held in Czechia. Being involved in organisation, hosting and active as a singer on stage, she looks back to it as a big honour and thanks to this event she cherishes her many experiences.

Adriana records her own songs, also with international producers, so this year does probably not mark her last function in the Eurovision Weekend.



NAME Adriana Žitníková
CLUB OGAE Czech Republic
FUNCTION IN THE CLUB FANvision contestant 2022, Eurovision Weekend host 2023, HoD Czech entry 2024
SOCIAL MEDIA logo facebook
instagram #ogaeczechia
Czech Republic Youtube Thumbnail Head 



How did your club find your representative?

Felix was a team member in 2023 as city guide. He took part in the Cover Contest of OGAE Germany earlier this year and was approached at that very same evening why he does not represent his own fan club. So he contacted our board about the opportunity to represent our club. We are very happy we have someone, who is happy to represent us, and he knows the contest well. Felix will be very happy to sing on the Eurovision Weekend stage. And that’s a priority for us!:)


Does your club bring a lot of supporters for your act?

We are going to make a Czech invitation to Hamburg, so we will try our best to bring more Czech fans with us.

What do you wish for your contestant?

I wish Felix all the best honestly. He is a very kind, friendly person, which I really appreciate. I know that he will represent us and perform with love and with joy no matter what. 


Your club is in the race for winning FANvision, what’s outstanding about your club?

I think the outstanding thing about our club is that we have an OGAE even though we don’t have too many fans of the Eurovision in the Czech Republic.  It wouldn’t be possible without our president Josef who gives the best for our club. So we appreciate that we can be a part of this community and we are very proud to be a part of the Eurovision Weekend.


What's your favorite Eurovision song of all time?

I really have too many, as I am also an artist. But I will choose some that I have a strong connection to. My favourites are Fairytale (Alexander Rybak), Satellite (Lena) and Because of You (Gustaph)!


What do you appreciate in particular in a performance in FANvision? What would you want to see on stage and what might convince you to give a high vote?

It has to get my attention, I have to feel the performance and that the artist is singing for us and can spread an emotion of the song. For me is clear singing very important but the good performance has to have everything as a whole. From singing, feelings to a well thought out stage performance and even clothes which suit with the song.